Frequently Asked Questions

Are you experiencing any changes to business operations due to COVID-19?

Yes, LCT has adjusted our business as necessary to keep our employees safe, comply with regulations surrounding COVID-19, and continue to provide the same level of support our customers need. While we cannot travel to customer sites at this time, everything else we normally do and provide is still available. Visit to find out more.

What is the Czochralski Process (Cz)?

The Czochralski process (CZ), also known as the Czochralski Method, is an efficient means of growing single large silicon crystals. In this silicon wafer manufacturing process, rocks of 11 nines purity silicon are placed in a quartz crucible within a specialized vacuum furnace. This is then heated to 1,425 °C (2,597 °F), melting the silicon. A small seed crystal mounted in a fixture at the end of a cable is lowered to touch the surface of the melt. The crucible and the cable holding the seed crystal rotate in opposite directions, and the seed is slowly drawn away from the melt. This allows growth of the cylindrical crystal ingot to the desired diameter and length. The temperature and pull speed are carefully monitored and controlled throughout the growth process to maintain crystal quality and avoid unwanted instabilities or defects. Additionally, the crystal can be either p-type or n-type, with different electronic properties, by adding dopant impurity atoms to the silicon, such as boron or phosphorous.

In the silicon wafer manufacturing process, how do you go from ingot to wafer?

Once an ingot has been grown in a CZ furnace, a single-wire saw cuts the top and bottom (crown and tail) off the ingot and then into 850 mm-length sections. At this point, a multi wire saw will cut the 850 mm sections into wafers. The final process steps in preparing the wafers for use in semiconductors are lapping, polishing, and washing.

I need to purchase solar silicon ingot growing equipment for my company located in China. Who do I contact?

Robin Shou, Sales & Marketing Manager, Dalian Linton NC Machine Co., via email,, mobile +86 158 9815 6210 or WeChat: reason10000.

I need to purchase solar silicon ingot growing equipment for my company and I’m NOT located in China. Who do I contact?

If you are anywhere in the world outside of China and interested in solar equipment or support, please contact Linton Crystal Technologies at or phone 1-585-444-8784.

I am interested in semiconductor silicon ingot growing equipment. Who do I contact?

Wherever you are in the world, if you are interested in semiconductor equipment or support, please contact or phone 1-585-444-8784.

I’m not in the semiconductor or solar industry but have a need for a customized Czochralski (CZ) silicon growing furnace. Can you help?

Yes, we work with customers in a variety of specialized industries and have developed customized solutions for them. or phone 1-585-444-8784.

I need a grower capable of producing germanium ingots. Do you have these?

Yes, our CG6000 model grower has been used in germanium ingot growth for more than 20 years. (Germanium is commonly used in the manufacture of high-precision optics.) Linton has updated that model and now offers two larger systems capable of growing ingots up to 300 mm.

I have an older Czochralski furnace operating with Kayex Intelligent Crystal Control System (KICCS™). Are there any available updates to this system?

Yes, we’ve recently introduced our first of many planned updates! New software is available to enhance automated melt gap management in the Czochralski (CZ) crystal growing process.

I need a part for my grower. How do I get started?

Contact Doug Hand (1-585-991-3981). More information is available here, too:

My grower needs a replacement part, but it’s more than 10 years old. Would you still have it available?

Obsolete parts are a common occurrence due to the long service life of our silicon crystal growing furnaces. However, Linton routinely designs retrofits, and specifies currently available parts as replacement solutions when obsolescence occurs. Our parts department team can discuss your specific needs and help determine how best to restore your Czochralski (CZ) furnace to operating condition. We also offer Remote Technical Support, (RTS), or can provide customized solutions working on-site with customers. Contact Doug Hand (1-585-991-3981). More information is available here, too:

I don’t feel like we’ve achieved optimal crystal growth or efficiency. Where can I find more information to help us improve these areas of operation?

We can provide expert support throughout your silicon wafer manufacturing process. Full-time process engineers and experienced technical staff will work with customers to get their businesses off the ground, as well as to optimize processes, recipes and approaches to increase ingot size, accelerate crystal growth speed, and lower operating costs. Staff are available to provide technical support remotely or can develop customized solutions working on-site with customers. Contact to discuss your needs and how we may be able to help with your silicon wafer manufacturing process.

What average crystal growth rate do your silicon furnaces achieve?

Our Czochralski (CZ) systems are achieving some of the fastest silicon crystal growth speeds in the industry, to speeds of 1.6 - 2.0 mm per minute.

What size hotzones can your growers accommodate?

Hotzone sizes range from 24 to 36 inches optimized for 200 mm, 250 mm and 300 mm wafers (custom - capable of accommodating other sizes)

In what way can you customize a grower to meet my needs?

We customize every Czochralski (CZ) grower for every customer’s unique specifications. Among the features we can tailor to your needs are the hotzones, magnets, vacuum pumps, feeders and maintenance tools. We have also developed handling equipment for customers’ convenience.

Do you carry the equipment necessary to turn the ingots into wafers?

Yes, Linton’s range of single- and multi-wire saws and silicon wafer processing equipment take the ingot through the steps necessary to obtain a highly reflective, flat silicon wafer ready for use in solar cell applications. These are featured here:

I need to purchase processing equipment for silicon wafers. Who do I contact?

Please contact or phone 1-585-444-8784.

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