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Linton Crystal Technologies (USA) and Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd. (China) Combine Sales Teams

Linton Crystal Technologies (USA) and Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd. (China) have announced they will combine their sales departments to better serve customers and potential customers.

“This new structure better focuses on providing the specific knowledge and expertise customers need, rather than simply dividing sales territories by region,” explains Ron Kramer, director of business development for Linton Crystal Technologies.

Linton Crystal will be responsible for sale of its Czochralski (CZ) process crystal growers to the semiconductor industry worldwide, as well as to solar customers everywhere in the world except in China. Kramer is the primary sales contact for this market. He joined Linton in 2016 and has more than 30 years of worldwide sales and marketing experience with technology companies such as Fiberguide Industries, Ultralife Corporation, Qioptiq Imaging Solutions and Telebyte Technology, Inc. He earned a Bachelor of Science and Marketing from the State University of New York College at Brockport, Brockport, N.Y., USA. Kramer can be reached by phone at +1.585.978.6797 (mobile), or email:

Dalian’s sales team will be wholly responsible for sales of growers to solar customers within China. Solar customers and prospective customers within China can contact Liping Wu/ Lynne Wu at:, or by phone: 0086- 139 1658 8286 (mobile). Wu has been working in the field of semiconductor material production and related equipment manufacturing since 1982. She has experience with companies such as Hang Zhou Dahe Termo-Magnetics, Co. Ltd., Shanghai Hanhong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Mes Ferrotec China Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shenhe Thermo-Magnetics Co., Ltd. She joined the Dalian team in 2017.

Linton is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of equipment for producing monocrystalline ingots for the semiconductor and solar industries. The company specializes in silicon and produces equipment for materials such as germanium and gallium arsenide. They also provide technical support, process engineering support and replacement parts to help clients get businesses off the ground, improve productivity and continue to innovate.

Headquartered in the United States, Linton Crystal Technologies has global marketing, research, development, engineering and manufacturing operations in Rochester, New York. Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd., Dalian, China, provides manufacturing in addition to China sales and support. More information is available online: