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Linton Crystal Technologies Produces Largest CZ Furnace in Operation

August 30, 2018 (Rochester, N.Y.) —Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) announces the development of a Czochralski (CZ) process crystal grower capable of producing 600 mm diameter crystals. The KX320/600 was designed for the semiconductor and specialty machined parts industries; the first of two will be in operation at a client site in the United States this fall.

The KX320/600 is optimized for producing 600 mm crystals with a 1300 mm furnace tank size that can accommodate 32-inch crucibles. Linton Crystal engineers worked with a specialty silicon part manufacturer in California to develop a furnace that could reliably produce large diameter crystals to meet their specific needs.

“This is the largest commercially available CZ grower in operation,” says John R. Syring, senior sales and process engineer with LCT. “While it specifically meets the needs of the client for whom it was designed, it should prove valuable to anyone in the semiconductor or machined part industries looking to increase productivity and profitability.”

Linton Crystal Technologies is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of equipment for producing monocrystalline ingots for the semiconductor, machined part and solar industries. The company specializes in silicon and produces equipment for materials such as germanium and gallium arsenide. They also provide technical support, process engineering support and replacement parts to help clients get businesses off the ground, improve productivity and continue to innovate.

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About Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT)

Headquartered in the United States, Linton Crystal Technologies has global marketing, research, development, engineering and manufacturing operations in Rochester, New York. A partner, Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd., Dalian, China, provides manufacturing and sales support for the Chinese market.