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New KX360PV is Optimized for Ingot Length Greater than 4 Meters

Linton Crystal Technologies has introduced its new KX360PV Czochralski (CZ) process crystal grower, optimized for ingot length greater than 4 meters. As with all Linton Crystal growers, the new machine can be tailored to meet customers’ specifications.

“The KX360PV addresses the growing demand among solar customers for a machine that can pull greater than 4 meter, and reaching five, six and seven-meter crystals,” says John R. Syring, senior sales and process engineer with Linton. “It also features an advanced control system and low power consumption in keeping with our focus on helping customers increase productivity and efficiency.”

The KX360PV has the largest furnace chamber, 1400 mm in diameter. It is capable of accommodating a 28-, 32- or 36-inch hotzone/crucible (charge sizes up to 650kg.). Designed for PV ingot growth, the furnace is also capable of producing 300 mm and larger ingots.

The KX360PV complete grower system is designed for longevity with a large furnace tank that can grow with customers’ needs. For example, customers can start with a 28” hotzone and move up to a 32” or 36” as desired. Its tall receiving chamber can pull four-plus-meter crystals and the size can be adapted to customer specifications. Additionally, the large charge size allows for high conversion yield of silicon for good economical operation, while also increasing throughput and reducing operational costs. The grower can support integrated communications with the optional Web Integrated Grower Supervisor (WINGS) for remote furnace management and data collection.

A highly reliable grower, it can sustain long run times with less need for intervention by an operator. This will enable a company to have fewer operators overall on the factory floor.