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Linton Crystal Technologies Engineer Invited to Present at International Academic Conference

John Syring, senior sales and process engineer with Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT), will present an academic report at the International Academic Conference on Silicon and New Semiconductor Materials. The conference, to be held November 13 through 16 in Tianjin, China, is sponsored by the Semiconductor Materials Branch of China Electronic Materials Industry Association and CETC 46 in Tianjin. Syring will present “300 mm Silicon Single Crystal Equipment and Process.”

“We are honored to have been asked to speak at the global symposium,” says Todd Barnum, COO of Linton Crystal Technologies. “Our focus will be on the strides we have made with machine enhancements, technology and process improvements that will increase yields, improve crystal quality and reduce operational costs for manufacturers worldwide.”

Syring will provide a comprehensive review of equipment used for Czochralski (CZ) single crystal growth for semiconductor grade 300 mm crystals. This includes the current technology of equipment and automation, as well as future hardware and software development to meet the demands of increasingly stringent wafer specifications. Topics discussed will include the importance of the magnet in the process; physical aspects of the magnet; hot zone materials and design; how the process affects the materials; machine sizing; and cooling and controls (including automation and melt gap). Syring has been involved with all aspects of CZ crystal growth in both solar and semiconductor industries since 1984 and holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

In addition to Syring, there will be roughly 15 experts representing several countries. Three experts from the Leibniz Crystal Growth Research Institute (IKZ) in Berlin will report on zone melting (FZ) silicon single crystals, Ga2O3 materials and two-dimensional materials; Professor Michael Seibt of the University of Göttingen, Germany will report on electron microscopy analysis; Japanese experts such as Masaaki Yamamichi of the SEMI Japan Technical Committee will report on the 300mm wafer industry and testing. Dr. Andrey Smirnov of Russia's STR will report on the simulation of 300mm single crystal growth crystal. Academician Yang Deren of Zhejiang University and Professor Liu Lijun of Xi'an Jiaotong University will make reports on silicon and new materials.

Linton Crystal Technologies is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of equipment for producing monocrystalline ingots for the semiconductor and solar industries. The company specializes in silicon and produces equipment for materials such as germanium and gallium arsenide. They also provide technical support, process engineering support and replacement parts to help clients get businesses off the ground, improve productivity and continue to innovate.