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Linton Crystal Technologies Announces Przybycien, Principal Engineer

Linton Crystal Technologies announces Edward Przybycien has joined the company as principal engineer. His responsibilities will include overseeing the research, development, design and optimization of Linton’s crystal growing machines, supporting processing equipment and accessories.

Linton Crystal Technologies Announces Groundbreaking U.S. Manufacturing Investment

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT), headquartered in Rochester, New York, announced today it will produce semiconductor and solar manufacturing equipment in the United States.

Linton Crystal Technologies Welcomes Hornbuckle to Process Development Team

Chris Hornbuckle joined Linton Crystal Technologies as a process development engineer. As such, Hornbuckle will be instrumental in training and supporting customers to optimize their crystal growing process.

Linton Crystal Technologies Welcomes Blazey as Director of Operations

Linton Crystal Technologies announces Scott Blazey has joined the company as Director of Operations.

Linton to Attend RE+, Participate in Manufacturing Group Meeting

Linton Crystal Technologies President and COO Todd Barnum, and Senior Sales and Process Engineer John Syring will attend RE+ 2022, in Anaheim, California, from September 19-22. RE+ is the clean energy industry’s largest and most comprehensive event in North America.

Linton Crystal Technologies COO Takes Part in Defense Production Act Solar Roundtable

On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, Todd Barnum, President and COO of Linton Crystal Technologies, participated in the “Defense Production Act Roundtable: Solar Photovoltaic Supply Chain & Deployment,” convened by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) with support from the White House Climate Policy Office.

Linton Crystal Technologies Sponsors Summer Advanced Manufacturing Experience

Linton Crystal Technologies has made a donation to Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES (W-FL BOCES) to sponsor the Summer Advanced Manufacturing Experience (SAME) program. SAME is a free, three-week opportunity that enables eighth and ninth grade students to experience first-hand advanced manufacturing skills while earning college credits.

Linton Crystal Technologies Representatives Meet with Prime Minister of Vietnam

On May 16, representatives from Linton Crystal Technologies met with the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Phạm Minh Chính, at the New York Stock Exchange, and presented him with a 300mm silicon wafer to symbolize Vietnam’s entry into the ingot to wafer space.

Linton Crystal Technologies Applies for Second Patent Related to Seed Lift and Rotating Mechanism

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) recently applied for a U.S. Letters Patent for its Dynamic Balancing Seed Lift. Patent Application 17/716,487 is the most recent Linton has made to the USPTO for innovations related to the seed lifting and rotating mechanism.

Linton Crystal Technologies’ 300mm CZ Furnace is Ready for Customer Demos in Rochester, NY

Linton Crystal Technologies today announced it is cooling the superconducting magnet on its KX320/300MCZ machine in Rochester, New York, and is taking appointments for demonstration runs for customers.

Linton Crystal Technologies Awarded Seed Lift and Rotating System Patent

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) has been awarded a U.S. Letters Patent for its Seed Lifting and Rotating System for Use in Crystal Growth.

Linton Joins Clean Energy Leaders in Calling for Governmental Support

Linton Crystal Technologies was among 368 clean energy business leaders and individuals who signed a letter backing clean energy investments. The letter was submitted to congressional leaders by Clean Energy Business Network, with support from its parent organization, the Business Council for Sustainable Energy.

Barnum Adds President to Role, Title at Linton

Todd Barnum, COO of Linton Crystal Technologies, has been assigned the additional role and title of President of the company. In addition to being COO and a member of the Executive Board, Barnum has full responsibility over all semiconductor sales worldwide, and all solar sales outside China. The addition of President to his title better denotes that responsibility.

Linton Crystal Technologies Introduces Motorized Furnace Tank Crucible Handling System

Linton Crystal Technologies has introduced a new accessory for its Czochralski (CZ) process crystal growers that offers precise control of crucible handling and other maintenance functions. The patent-pending Crucible Handling System (CHS), a crystal growing assembly with combination lift arm and winch, can be included with any of Linton’s growers.

Linton Crystal Technologies Adds Automated Production Technology for CZ Ingot to Wafer Factories

Linton Crystal Technologies, world leader in the development and manufacture of equipment for producing monocrystalline ingots, now offers automated production technology solutions for PV and semiconductor customers.

Linton Crystal Technologies Overhauls, Enhances WINGS Supervisory Software

Linton Crystal Technologies announces its recipe and data management system is now compatible with all modern web browsers. Linton’s Web Integrated Grower Supervisor (WINGS) enables remote furnace management and data collection on connected Czochralski (CZ) process furnaces.

Linton Crystal Technologies Uses AI to Detect Crystal Structure Loss, Notify Operator

In its first use of AI techniques to manage crystal control processes, Linton Crystal Technologies has developed an early warning system for when crystal structure loss is likely. This is the company’s latest upgrade to its Kayex Intelligent Crystal Control System (KICCS) for its Czochralski (CZ) process crystal growers.

Linton Crystal Technologies Posts Great First Half-year with Multiple Solar, Semi Orders

Linton Crystal Technologies has seen a successful first half of 2021, despite travel restrictions. The company has booked several orders for 200 mm and 300 mm machines and related equipment.

Linton Crystal Technologies’ New KX380PV Produces Industry’s Largest Ingot at 5M or More

Linton Crystal Technologies has grown ingots larger than 5M in its newest Czochralski (CZ) process crystal grower, the KX380PV. This is the largest ingot grown in the solar industry to date and represents a game changer for customers looking to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Linton’s Barnum Discusses Photovoltaics Engineering and Economics with RIT Students

Last week, COO Todd Barnum spoke to students at Rochester Institute of Technology on Photovoltaics Engineering and Economics.

Lucky #8! Linton Celebrates Eight Years as Exclusive Owner of Kayex Brand, Equipment

Approximately eight years ago, we were given the exclusive license to use the Kayex brand name and became the one and only owner of Kayex technology.

Linton COO Weighs in on Semiconductor Supply Chains as Part of Department of Commerce Forum

Todd Barnum, COO of Linton Crystal Technologies, was invited to provide comments as part of the “Virtual Forum for Risks in the Semiconductor Manufacturing and Advanced Packaging Supply Chain.” The discussion was held on April 8, by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), Office of Technology Evaluation, of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Linton’s Simple New Online Form Makes it Easier to Request a Parts/Retrofit Solution

Linton Crystal Technologies has been manufacturing silicon ingot growers for nearly 50 years, with the newest CZ process crystal grower introduced in 2019. There are many 20- to 30-year-old Linton machines still in the marketplace and integral to customers’ operations.

A Love of Art Leads to Career Designing Growers

When Barb Schoeneman was young, she spent hours with her father learning how to use saws, a lathe, and other implements of his trade as a toolmaker. “He told me I should take the drafting course in high school because it seemed like something I might like,” she says. As it turned out, he was right.

Linton Expands in China, Offers Increased Capacity Amidst Chip Shortage

Last month, Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd. opened a more than 70,000 square meter research and design center and manufacturing base in Xishan, Wuxi, China.

The New Year is Looking Good

As we wrap up the first full month of 2021, Linton Crystal Technologies’ COO Todd Barnum shares his thoughts on how the company fared in 2020 and what he anticipates this year.

The Czochralski Method: What, Why and How

The Czochralski (CZ) method of crystal growth has been around for a hundred years. It is one of the most productive ways to create high-purity and high-quality single-crystal silicon for semiconductor and solar wafers.

Linton Crystal Technologies Adds Software Engineer

Linton Crystal Technologies has hired Software Engineer Yiliang Shi to support the company’s advancements in machine learning and automation. Linton is the world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of Czochralski (CZ) furnaces for producing monocrystalline ingots. Shi joined the company on November 23.

Barnum Joins NREL Technical Review Panel for Solar Futures Study

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory invited Linton’s COO, Todd Barnum, to serve on the Technical Review Panel for the forthcoming Solar Futures Study. This is a new analysis sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office, launched in 2020 and expected to be completed sometime in 2021.

Linton Crystal Applies for Patent for Active Balancing System for Use in Crystal Growth

Linton Crystal Technologies has applied for a U.S. Utilities Patent for an Active Balancing Seed Lift/Rotate Mechanism for Czochralski furnaces. The new mechanism reduces the orbiting of the seed cable that contributes to defects in grown crystals.

Linton Expands in China

Last year, Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd. broke ground on a nearly 70,000 square meter research and design center and manufacturing base in Xishan, Wuxi, China.

Linton Actively Recruiting for Software Engineer in Rochester, NY

We are looking for an experienced software engineer to design, program and test applications for automated processing equipment. Areas of development include process control and image processing, including the use of machine learning for industrial AI applications.

Linton Crystal Technologies Introduces Germanium CZ Growers

Linton Crystal Technologies has begun manufacturing new germanium Czochralski (CZ) process crystal growers. The company’s CG6000 model grower has been used in germanium ingot growth for more than 20 years.

Investment in Linton Crystal Technologies Growers Aids in Strong 2019 Finish for Longi Solar

Longi Solar has reported 2019 and first-quarter 2020 results that show increased revenue and earnings, with continued growth anticipated for this year. Throughout 2019, Longi increased its silicon ingot and wafer manufacturing capacity, purchasing more than 1,000 Czochralski (CZ) process crystal growers from Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd.

Linton Crystal Technologies Still Open for Business

We know the continued availability of our products and services is essential to the ongoing viability of many of our customers’ and suppliers’ operations. Rest assured, we appreciate and prioritize these relationships.

Longi Solar Places $100 Million Czochralski Grower Order

Longi Solar has ordered Czochralski (CZ) process crystal growers valued at $100 million USD from Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd. This represents the third order of a significant number of growers in a year, since Longi began increasing its silicon ingot and wafer manufacturing capacity last spring.

New Software Update to Automate Melt Gap Management is Available

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) announces the release of software that will enhance automated melt gap management in the crystal growing process. This is the first of several planned enhancements to LCT’s Kayex Intelligent Crystal Control System (KICCS™).

Linton Crystal Technologies Seeks Manufacturer’s Representatives for Japan, Southeast Asia

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) is looking for manufacturer’s representatives in Japan and Southeast Asia to provide sales support of its Czochralski (CZ) process crystal growers and diamond wire saws.

Linton Crystal Technologies/Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd. to Provide 400 Fully Customized Growers to Longi Solar

Engineers from Linton Crystal Technologies in Rochester, N.Y., will work with Longi to customize the growers to the company’s production and quality requirements.

Linton Crystal Technologies and Tesla Engineering Limited form Partnership to Develop Semiconductor Magnet for 300mm CZ Furnaces

The partnership was formed to develop a 4000 Gauss superconducting magnet for use with Linton’s KX320/300MCZR Czochralski (CZ) process crystal grower.

Linton Crystal Technologies (USA) and Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd. (China) Combine Sales Teams

Linton Crystal Technologies (USA) and Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd. (China) have announced they will combine their sales departments to better serve customers and potential customers.

Linton Crystal Technologies Engineer Invited to Present at International Academic Conference

John Syring, senior sales and process engineer with Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT), will present an academic report at the International Academic Conference on Silicon and New Semiconductor Materials.

New KX360PV is Optimized for Ingot Length Greater than 4 Meters

Linton Crystal Technologies has introduced its new KX360PV Czochralski (CZ) process crystal grower, optimized for ingot length greater than 4 meters. As with all Linton Crystal growers, the new machine can be tailored to meet customers’ specifications.

Patent Pending for Linton Crystal Technologies’ Active Cleaning Vacuum System

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) has applied for a U.S. Letters Patent for an active cleaning vacuum system the company designed for silicon crystal growers.

Patent-Pending Technology and Software Upgrade to be Introduced at SEMICON West 2019

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) will introduce its patent-pending active cleaning vacuum system for silicon crystal growers at SEMICON West, from July 9 through 11 in San Francisco, California.

Linton Crystal Technologies’ 300 mm Furnace Operating and Ready for Customer Visits at R&D Center

Linton Crystal Technologies’ KX320/300MCZR has been installed and is in operation in the company’s Research and Development Center. The KX320/300MCZR is a Czochralski (CZ) process crystal grower designed to meet growing market demands for a furnace capable of producing 300 mm crystals.

Linton Crystal Technologies Signs Manufacturer’s Representative Agreement for India Market

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) announces it has signed a manufacturers’ representative agreement with International Marketing Corporation (IMC) in Mumbai, India.

Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd. (China) / Linton Crystal Technologies (USA) to Introduce Latest Crystal Grower at SNEC 2019

This new generation of 300 mm furnace is state-of-the-art. It combines all of our newest hardware and software innovations in one system, including the latest melt-gap measurement and control.

Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd./Linton Crystal Technologies Receive Large Contract from Longi Solar

Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd., the sales support partner of Linton Crystal Technologies received a significant equipment order from Longi Solar. Longi announced plans to increase its silicon ingot and wafer manufacturing capacity by roughly 12 GW and the new equipment will support that growth.

Ground Broken on New Facility for Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd./Linton Crystal Technologies

Ground was broken last month on a new, all-in-one facility for Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd., of Dalian, China. The new facility will replace the company’s existing campus of buildings in Dalian to integrate administrative, research and development, and manufacturing functions under one roof.

Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd./Linton Crystal Technologies Launch R&D Center, Grow 4M Crystal

On February 14, Dalian Linton NC Machine Co. Ltd., of Dalian, China, and Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) of Rochester, N.Y., celebrated the launch of a new Research and Development Center with the successful growth of a 4-meter crystal.

Linton Crystal Technologies Offers Hardware Retrofit to Update Legacy Grower Consoles

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) offers a hardware retrofit for older Czochralski (CZ) process crystal growers that rely on MS-DOS based control software.

Linton Crystal Technologies Developing Software Update to Enhance Automated Melt Gap Management

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) has successfully performed the first live test of software that will enhance automated melt gap management in the crystal growing process. Anticipated to be released early in 2019, this is the first of several planned enhancements to LCT’s Kayex Intelligent Crystal Control System (KICCS™).

Linton Crystal Technologies’ Parts Department Expands to Meet Growing Demand

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) has recently hired Doug Hand as inside sales coordinator to support its parts department, which has seen continued annual growth.

Linton Crystal Technologies Extends Warranty to Five Years on Frames and Chambers

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) is now backing the frames and chambers of its Czochralski (CZ) process crystal growers with a five-year warranty.

Linton Crystal Technologies Produces Largest CZ Furnace in Operation

KX320/600 capable of growing crystals up to 600 mm in diameter

Linton Crystal Technologies Introduces 300mm Furnace, KX320MCZR/300

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) introduces the KX320MCZR/300, a Czochralski (CZ) process crystal grower designed to meet growing market demands for a furnace capable of producing 300 mm crystals.

Linton Crystal Technologies Puts Experience and Expertise at Customers’ Disposal with Unique Service Model

Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) has enhanced its pre- and post-sale service offerings in support of its Czochralski (CZ) process crystal growers.

New Ingot Growing Systems, Controls Software and Support Being Introduced at Semicon West 2018

Rochester, NY—Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) will introduce the KX320MCZR/300 a 300mm Ingot Growing System and the KX240MCZR a 200 mm/300 mm Ingot Growing System at Semicon West 2018, from July 10 through 12 in San Franscisco, California.